Business Feasibility in Poland
When a foreign company intends to enter Poland it is often noted that the firm is already performing very well in the country of origin or internationally. Success elsewhere does not mean the firm can neglect the process of adjusting business model to Polish local specificity. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when making a decision to enter new market. Some of them can be analyzed internally by client itself or its own project managers. However there are many issues that require deep knowledge and experience in a targeted country in order to be properly assessed.

Business plan adjustments
There are differences in all areas that constitute TELOS project management’s acronym. From our experience Economic, Legal and Scheduling are the fields of most commonly detected non-compliance. Many times those are compliance problems, taxation that might not be favorable to the given business or long procedures that are needed to go through.

In our Business Feasibility in Poland analysis we will go through the strengths and weaknesses of our client’s business model. We will present all pros and cons. Our report will be objective and unbiased.
If we draw a conclusion that the business will not work we write so in the report.

When preparing Business Feasibility in Poland we are running an extensive investigation through all the details.

Main issues
historical background,
marketing research,
financial data,
legal requirements,
ad hoc issues specific to the given industry.
Reasons for the study
An advantage discovered post-factum is always a positive surprise, however any failure to detect and explore and expose the weakness of the business or its illegality can become a painful experience. That is why we provide our clients with comprehensive research, data and analysis that gives them great comfort in their decision making process. If you are interested in this service please feel free to contact us
Our clients
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