Support Business Provider - About the Firm
If you are interested in doing business in Poland, or maybe you are already doing it, welcome! Our company specialized in helping foreign investors, both corporate and individual, with business in our country. Business consulting with respect to Poland is our core activity. We are a perfectly balanced team of business professionals with experience in doing business in Poland, who may offer you expert knowledge of Polish economic reality and a wide range of consulting services.

The issues we can help you with include:

Direct investment
Property investment
Company formation
Assistance in entering the market
Legal advice
Tax optimization
We also offer general business research and business plan assessment from the point of view of Polish economic conditions. We may even provide you with guidance if you want, or are forced to, close your business in Poland, and need advice on company liquidation and bankruptcy law. We helped some clients safely leave the Polish market / withdraw from Poland.

We are happy to offer you our knowledge and experience with regard to all sectors and industries, regardless of the size of your business.

For more information, go to „Our services„.

If you want to learn more about investment opportunities in Poland, check „Why Poland„.
Our clients
Since the nature of our services most often requires confidentiality we do not publish any information about those who are using our services. In order to familiarize with the scope of our services please check the "Our services" section of this website. If you want to get a broader picture on what we are capable of visit the "Cases" section that presents a list of general descriptions of some of the matters we dealt with on behalf of our clients.